Plan Your Year Like A Boss

A 90-minute 2023 business planning workshop, perfect for online coaches, course creators and service-based solopreneurs ready to plan their ENTIRE year, set big audacious goals and ACTUALLY achieve them.

Walk into 2023 like a boss, boldly step into your CEO role, make boss decisions and craft your profit-boosting business game plan that allows you to slay your 2023 goals, better serve your clients and take your business to the next level.


Get clarity on your vision for your DREAM life and business and uncover EXACTLY what you want and what it takes to finance your lifestyle and business for 2023.


Set your goals for 2023, map out person and business goals in every aspect of your life: spirituality, health & wellness, business, finances, family & friends, fun and leisure.


Create an annual plan and break Your BIG audacious goals down into easily achievable micro goals using the Plan Your Year guided workbook that ensures you can plan, track and achieve your goals with ease.

After this workshop, you'll walk away with:

  • Your complete 2023 business game plan (no one floundering month-to-month wondering what to do day to day).
  • An itemized budget for your projected yearly expenses, so you know how much revenue you need to generate in your business.
  • A set income goal breakdown so you have a clear focus so you now your goal is achievable.
  • product lining system of products and services for the year with sales projections.
  • A clear outline and schedule marketing plan for all of your promotional campaigns for your first 6-figure (or 7-figure) year. 

Plan Your Year Like A Boss Guided Workbook

Get a special curated 22-page guided Plan Your Year Like A Boss guided workbook that ensures you can plan your ENTIRE year in just one day with ease.

+ Create Your Reality

+ Map Your Expenses

+ Set Your Income Goals

+ Plan Your Offers

+ Outline Your Promotions

+ Plan Your Campaigns

+ Create & Track Your Profit Plan

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